Freitag, 20. April 2012

Green tea cookie

The next one is a green tea cookie!
On top is a green tea and white chocolate mix.
And under is a cookie.
This combination is really delicious! perfect ^^


And the nice looking cookie ^^

Green tea mochi

 Hi today I will show some sweets with Green Tea flavor ^^

The first one is a green tea mochi!
Mochi = rice cake.

This little mochi sweets is really yummy ;D
And the green tea flavor is not to weak or too strong!
That's the package mochi.
and that's how it looks inside ^^

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Sweet Sushi ^^

Okay today I start with a "sushi kit" ^^
With this "sushi kit" you can make little, sweet, cute looking sushi :D
They looks pretty cute. <3
The taste is not bad, I like the "rice" it taste like soda and the soy sauce taste like coke!
The yellow sushi is egg, the red one is tuna, but the flavor from everything is pretty same :P
But more important is the fun to make these little cute sushi hihi ^^

                                                I like the box design!
Sushi kit

                   Hihi it is really fun to make the little sushi, especially the eggs! ><

Rice, eggs, tuna and so on ^^

And what do you think how looks these cute sushi for you?
I love it so much ^^
Hey welcome to my new Sweet Japan blog ^^
I want to share on my blog some sweets or other stuff pictures from Japan.
I will try to update daily >.<